Kelly, Karen and Scottish Fold " Jackie Q " Chandler - from Massachusetts

We got Jackie, the best edition to the family we could have asked for, from Sue’s Quietime Cattery. Sue handled everything for us, start to finish, to get Jackie from Montana to our home in Massachusetts. Our experience with Sue and her Quietime Cattery was the most professional encounter we have ever had. Little Jackie is just a loving cuddle bug. She sleeps with my mother every night… those two are inseparable! When we first got " Jackie Q ", we expected that our three male cats would give their new little sister a hard time. However, this was not the case at all. Tiny little Jackie let them know that she was in charge immediately. She has the best personality, and she does things to make us all laugh daily. To Jackie, any miscellaneous item around the house is either a toy or her own personal chair. She’s beautiful inside and out and she knows it! But as much of a princess as she is, she’s always there to snuggle up and watch TV with the family. We love her endlessly, and she has become a big part of our family.

Amanda's Scottish Fold STERLING - from California - USA

Your popcorn cat is still quite the jumper, but his all time favorite game is fetch. He'll bring a ball over and stare and mew at you if you don't notice, and he'll bring it right back once thrown for a good 30-40 minutes at a time! It's adorable. He's very much a cuddles and a lap cat, and sleeps curled up flush on my right side every single night. Besides fetch, his favorite thing in the entire world is belly rubs. I swear he spends more time on his bag spread eagle than anything else! He's the happiest, sweetest boy in the world!

Gloria, Arthur and Scottish Fold Tyler Tabbot - from USA

Hi Susan: Just wanted to give you a quick update on Tyler. Arthur has found a new outlet for spending money - toys for Tyler. My kitchen and Great Room now look like war zones - there are toys everywhere. Years ago, when we first got our beloved Sneakers who has now passed over, I bought a play house for him with stairs and an opening at the top for him to crawl out of to look out the window and it also acted as a scratcher. He rarely, if ever, used it and I have had it sitting in the garage all these years. I brought it out when we got Tyler and I can't tell you how much pleasure he gets out of it. He is soooo strong. He jumps up and hangs on with one paw and then pulls himself up - he is in and out of it - sleeps in it, and stores all his toys in there. When he races across the rooms from kitchen to Great Room, it sound like a thundering herd of horses. And I still can't get over the fact that he absolutely has to be where we are. If I am in the utility room and sewing, he sits on the table and watches me or stares out the window. If I am not home and Arthur is in the den, he curls up in the chair just to be near him. And Arthur says that he is amazed at the bond that Tyler has with me. When he hears the car pull into the garage, he runs for the door and sits there and cries until I come in. I can't go two feet without him wrapping his legs around mine and begs to be picked up. I would have expected this as a kitten, but he is almost 7 months old (still kitten, I guess) and he is still doing this. Well, that's it for now. Hope all is well with you. Are you expecting any new litters? Would love to see some pictures. We have several favorite photos, but this one seemed to show him best. I forgot to mention that when Tyler wants to play (his decision not ours), he carries his feathered wand in his teeth and drops it at our feet as if to say, "let's go mom. I want to play." I have never known a cat who will spend at least 20 minutes in a throw and fetch mode. He seems tireless. Of course, after 20 minutes of running back and forth, he is ready to crash. Sleeping in the sun at the base of his play house, other than on our laps, seems to be his favorite. Love Gloria and Arthur P.S. At the moment he is asleep at my feet on the rug in the den. He is never more than a few feet from either one of us at any point in time.

Roxine Brown - from South Hamptons, USA

After loosing one of my girls in May of 2013, I began working with Susan Tyler to find another fold that met my criteria. Female with folded ears. All the other stuff like sweet, lovable and enjoys human contact was a given as you know, if you have ever had a Scottish Fold. And so the wait began. Quietime Cattery had brought me my 2 previous folded sisters about 16 years ago. One was now gone and the second, Emma is still with me. Susan Tyler, the new owner, or new to me, as the operation transferred ownership some years ago, worked with me for several months hoping to deliver my wish for a folded ear little girl. And so finally Leela was born. There was really no choice as she was the only kitten to fit my criteria. When Susan sent pictures of this little girl, I knew immediately she was for me. I could see it in her eyes. To this day, I still cannot figure out how Susan could capture such posed pictures of this playful little kitten that once she arrived, I realized could not sit still for a series of pictures like those Susan sent! Leela arrived this past May from her long flight from Montana, including a connection. She was sent in a big cozy crate fitted with a fluffy rug, the sweetest little print blanket, a simple handmade toy to entertain her and enough food and water to satisfy her needs. We picked her up at the airport and started our 2 hour trek home. Leela was only 12 weeks old then, but she was calm and confident and purred all the way home as if the journey didn't faze her. A well adjusted little one, that had been given plenty of love and attention by Susan and her husband Mike. It really shows. Leela is now 8 1/2 months old. She is sweet, loving, playful, caring of her older sister Emma, loves being held or cuddled and is a strong healthy little girl. I keep Susan up to date with the latest as it is obvious she loves her babies, has cared greatly for them and is truly interested in how they are doing. And oh, by the way, Susan keeps me posted with pics of all the new little folds, as someday in the not too distant future I will be getting a new sister for Leela from her again. It has been a warm and truly wonderful experience working with Susan Tyler. She is professional, down to earth and truly understands her babies. She helped me transition through the fear I had, bringing a new kitten into a family that was still hurting from the loss of a beloved pet and gave me hope during my elderly cats acceptance period of Leela. For Leela and all you have done Susan, thank you. Sincerely, Roxine Brown

Stefanny Ling and Tipster - from Canada

Tipste is here, in the car looking around, very curious. He has been to his water and food, but not sure if he will use his ltter pan before we start driving home. The photos Stefanny took of Tipster once he arrived to her home in Canada showed that he wanted to see everything and was loving the view out her windows of the new world there that was greeting him.

ELNW: Nagao's: Eric, Lauren-Yee, Nicole & Scottish Fold feline son WESLEY - from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Dear Susan, We are so happy to have Wesley join our family. He is such a handsome, incredibly loving, well-behaved, and well-adjusted Scottish Fold! The last 3 traits are a testament of how well you raised him. It was a long 10 month wait since we decided to quarantine him in Montana instead of here in Hawaii, but you made everything so easy for us. You were so wonderful about sending us photos, keeping us updated, and telling us such descriptive, funny stories about our boy while we waited out his quarantine. It’s like we were there. If anyone ever worries about quarantine or long flights to a new family, tell them to contact us. We are proof positive that you know exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and that you go over and beyond making sure a new kitten leaves and arrives in perfect condition. Little things like making sure all relevant flight staff know there’s a kitten on board, including a bag of his kitten food he was used to eating in Montana to ease the transition, wrapping his bedding in the softest blanket (which he was able to hide under during his long flight to Hawaii – making the trip less stressful), and even including his favorite toy from Montana in his carrier with him! We could tell he came through really well (which could have been a traumatic event – it was a 21 hour journey to Hawaii), because of how well he adjusted after getting here. Within 45 minutes of getting to our house he ventured out of his carrier. Within an hour & a half he felt confident enough to lay out in the open in our hallway, eat, drink, and use his litter box. Within 3 hours, he was taking nap with our teenage daughter (his head resting trustingly in her hand). All of that shows how well you raised Wesley – he was confident once he felt the good/safe vibes coming from his new family & home. We were worried about what type of personality he would have, but he is so incredibly social, loving and well-behaved. He’s also extremely smart just like you mentioned. We want to send you a huge “MAHALO” for all that you’ve done for us/Wesley. Love, Wesley & family