Rina & Pete's Willie & Wallace - Scottish Fold Brothers

Hi Grandma Sue, Just wanted to send you a new photo with both Wallace and Willie for your testimonials page. They have brought us so much joy and both have unique personalities. Willie is the lover boy. He love to snuggle with both me and Pete. He is so smart. He know how to express his needs (whether it's carrying his favorite toy to you, or pushing his cat treats off the table) and knows when we are telling him something (like off the dining room table). Wallace is the mischievous one and is always up for a game of fetch. He's not above ambushing his brother if he's under the sheets or in the fresh laundry basket. Both like to horse around and wrestle with each other and when they are not wrestling they are giving us barrel rolls at our feet or just simply hanging out in the same room. They must always be where we are and rarely want to be apart from us (with exception of chasing bugs on the back deck). Thank you again for such great cats!

Earl Kavanau - from Hollywood, California

Dear Susan & Mike: guess what! we're 1 year old TODAY! We told our Daddy that he better write to you both TODAY! yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Dear Friends.... it seems like yesterday that the kitties were 8 weeks old and I met the two of you. The time has wizzed by and the two most precious, darling kitties are growing up into their "adolescent" stage...lol. You can see how dazzling beautiful and handsome they are. And good and sweet and loving and obedient too! Their "integration" with our other three Quietime Boyzzz, Scotty & Dickens is 100% complete but Mr. McGregor is not quite there yet...but getting better all the time! It's impossible to explain where "our time" goes, but there never seems enuf time to write. I hope to be able to send you a video soon. Hope all is well with you and all our 4-legged friends in Montana. Flavia & all our kitties send you their purrs & licks. Thank you again, for letting us "adopt" our precious kitties. They are really a "gift from Heaven." All our love & kisses too, Earl & Flavia

Amber, Kiegan, Quinlan, and Gryffindor Herron - from Montana

Dear Susan-- Thank you so much for our little bundle of joy. We named her "Fiona Forever After" because she is just like a princess fairytale and keeps growing more beautiful everyday. My 9-year-old son, Kiegan, is just thrilled with her. He loves to play chase with her using feathers and laser light---what enjoyment she has brought to our lives. Gryffindor, our 2 yr old cat has a "baby sister" now and couldn't be happier to share his abode with her. She also incredibly patient with my two year old human child...It is like she knows he is a baby, and needs patience. I haven't worked with many Scottish Folds in my practice as a veterinarian, but she is all that I hoped she would be. I'm not disappointed in my choice of this breed and would recommend one to anyone, any day of the week. Everyone at work has fallen in love with her beauty and good nature as well. Best regards, Amber, Kiegan, Quinlan, and Gryffindor

Dr. John & Ivy Bigbees' Mitty Moose Montana - from USA

Quiet Times Cattery's Susan is a gifted and caring Scottish Fold breeder. My husband and I selected our male kitten, and Sue took care of everything else. Mitty, along with his baby blanket and stuffed animal toy, flew from Helena, Montana to Washington, DC., and was none the worse for wear on arrival: he was ready to explore and get to know us right away. Mitty already was litter box-trained, and NEVER has behaved inappropriately. An energetic creature, Mitty charmed his way into our house, and we haven't been the same since. He has had no health issues, is extremely personable, and has been taught a few tricks. As this most recent picture indicates, Mitty's luxurious and distinctive coat always gets compliments from the vet. Just to look at him is utter joy. The Scottish fold is my "dream cat." Mitty has helped me weather the profound loss of a cat I adored; we recommend you look into getting another very soon if you have had a loss of this magnitude. Thank you, Susan, though mere words cannot convey the degree of gratitude we feel for all you did to get Mitty to us. Dr. John and Ivy Bigbee

Cynthia - from Hawaii

Hi Susan, Just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful lover boy! Logan is such a doll and has fit in so nicely! He is a great fit for his feline friend Yoda and is such a sweet mellow easy going cat and is very loved and spoiled. Take care, Cynthia

Linda Boyce and her Monty - from USA

Monty is getting really big and he is just so much fun! He plays fetch with a ball like a dog - seriously - I throw it and he brings it back to me in his mouth and drops it into my hand so that I can throw it again! He sleeps with me every night and is very cuddly (just like my other Scottish Fold was). He is very vocal - it is funny - almost like he is talking to you.

Dane Ranney - from Boston Area, USA

Cat memories and funny/memorable moments with Max, I have quite a few. I guess it would be best to start at the beginning, in order to give an accurate portrayal of Maxie. While growing up in Ohio, I've owned several cats throughout the years. I got my first cat from the local animal shelter when I was ten. He was an American Short Hair mix. He was a very sweet cat. I have a lot of memories of him including the very first one, with of him licking my hand as I walked by his cage. Shortly after he passed, we decided to get another cat. However, this time we decided to go through a breeder. After doing quite a bit of research,we decided to get a Scottish fold through a local cattery. We had read that they were very sweet, loving, and intelligent cats, each with their own unique and wonderful personalities. I know I'm jumping ahead but, this has proved to be spot on in terms of every Fold that I've owned. The cat that we decided upon is named Jojo. He loves to be around the family. He has his own chair in the living room, that he likes to sit in while we watch the Cincinnati Reds/Bengals games. On a side note, he's the only cat that I've ever known that likes box rides. He'll jump in any empty box, and he likes for us to push him around on the linoleum floor. Since getting Jojo, we've added two additional cats including Maxie. Max has always meant a lot to me. We've created such as special bond. When I go to sleep, he lays right by my feet on the bed. He's also great around other cats. He used to play all sorts of games with our Burmese when I was living back in Ohio. In particular, he used to play with our Burmese by hitting a ball in one of the toys, which in turn made a noise that attracted the other cat.******* When I got a job in the Boston area, it was very hard to get my mom to send Max here. She loves her cats just as much as I do, especially when it comes to Folds.***** From Lynn, THE SWEET MOM: Here is my testimonial: I purchased my Scottish Fold kitten back in September of 2010. His name was Max-a Million and he truly is one in a million! Susan does not disappoint when she tells you about the cat or kitten's personality! Unfortunately for me, my son fell in love with the cat and when he relocated to the Boston area for employment, he wanted to take Max with him! I surely couldn't blame him for that! Anyway, I would highly recommend Susan for anyone looking for a Fold and I can't wait to get my next cat from her!!! Lynne Ranney blackcatjoe@aol.com

Naoko Nagata and Hitodama her Scottish Fold - from New York, NY

After researching many different breeds we settled on getting a Scottish Fold. Being in New York City we thought that it would be easy to find a breeder close by. In fact there are few. We contacted many breeders but no one responded to us fast enough. We then looked geographically further away. We wanted a male between 6 months to a year old that was calm, not too energetic and not too chatty. We found “Quietimes” site on the web and saw several kittens that looked like they would fit us perfectly. We emailed the web site and within minutes Sue called us back. We gave her our thoughts and she gave us her recommendations. We called her back several times with a myriad of questions about the cat we were thinking of and each question was answered thoroughly and calmly. By the following hour we had our Fold. His name was JoeJoe. Our 7 month old kitten had his arrival date set and we were waiting. Sue called us and said the weather was getting cold and would we mind if JoeJoe came a bit sooner. We wanted to be as caring as Sue. When we finally brought him to the car he was so small with huge amber eyes folded ears and the color of an orange creamcicle. No hissing, biting or clawing. When we got him home it took him several days to relax as he must have been scared. He did not like being picked up and would dart away and hide in spaces I didn't think he could get into, really very small and narrow spaces. It was actually pretty amazing to see. Slowly over the next few weeks he has claimed the entire apartment as his own. Once he is in his spot he loves to be pet and stroked. He loves his paws massaged and his belly rubbed and his ears scratched. He is calm when he is being groomed and doesn't flinch when his nails are trimmed. He never sleeps further away than two feet from our bed. He is a quick learner as he in the past month can sit, stand up on his hind legs, shake hands, high five, down, lay on his side and roll over on command. We had a 2 year old over the house last night and the boy had his face directly in our cats face and nothing at all happened not a peep. In all this is a spectacular breed for a calm, stable and even tempered feline pet. Thank you so much Sue the best!! Show | Edit | Destroy

Bob, Jane, Mr. Google and Jake Christenson - from Minnesota

I found Susan Tyler and The Quietime Cattery when I started a search to fill the void left by our beloved Scottish Fold, who had succumbed to cancer at 15 years of age. Like many animal lovers, I had told myself I wouldn't do it again! That lasted less than 4 weeks. Once you have been touched by a Fold, there's no turning back! I hit on Susan's site and was struck by some differences in her cattery. Her kittens, young adult and adult cats were not just a number and a color, they had personal personality descriptions that had a homey feel to them. She knew her cats as individuals! We were looking for an older cat so, I was pleased to see that Quietime had Folds of all ages, not all the places I viewed did. I was taken by a beautiful male straight-eared Fold, named Jake. There was an instant connection and I just knew he was my cat. Then I emailed or called, I don't remember which, and spoke with Susan. Well, by the time the whole process was done from start to finish, I felt like I'd found a friend who I would love to have living next door to me! Susan was open, warm, funny and knowledgeable. She answered every ridiculous question my husband and I had with with patience, courtesy and humor. The most important question Susan answered was one put forth by husband Bob. He said "Jake is four years old, does he have a cattery friend?" Without missing a beat Susan responded "Ohhhh. That would be Mr. Google!" The rest is history, since we felt we couldn't separate lifetime friends, Jake and Mr. Google made the flight from Montana to Minnesota! It's been about 6 weeks now since they joined our family and we couldn't be more pleased. They arrived looking so bewildered and lost in their travel crates with their kitty blankets! We noticed immediately that they had manners! They used their claws appropriately and their litter box use was meticulous! Initially they even stayed off the furniture! That has since changed as we encourage them to sit and sleep with us! Since they are older, there was a period of adjustment, but now they are running our household like great Scottish Folds should! Our experience with Susan and Quietime was professional, thorough and wonderful. Her cats are stunning! Thanks to her we have healthy, sweet, funny and loving companions to enjoy life with!

Anna, Eric and new addition Mr. Philbert the Scottish Fold - from USA

Susan, I am so in love with little philbert. His personality and mine fit perfectly together and we can't leave each others side already he tried to sleep on my face last night though, so I don't think he's going to be in bed with us at night! He is such a happy boy and even after being neutered and having a long flight, he was very playful during the day and cuddly at night and in the morning. He's sweet to Eric as well, although we can both tell he is a ladies man. I took videos of him on my phone and then he would watch them and nuzzle my phone. His current favorite spot is a chair next to a mirror where he can see himself. I think he knows how cute he is. Thank you so much for giving us this sweetheart! We couldn't be any happier and I've never had a cat but so far you have definitely converted me from a dog lover into a cat lover. Have a good day!