Melanie Bolan

Hi, there! No one can help but melt when they see the adorable face on my little Betsy. She has quickly become a favorite amongst my friends. I've had her for almost a year now (it'll be a year in May 2011) and she's fitting in quite well with my other two kitties. Her favorite time is spent sitting on the highest level of my kitty tree and watching squirrels in my backyard through the sliding glass door. It took her a while to grow accustomed to me, but I can tell that she's starting to take a shine to me as I have to her. When I'm nearby her in her kitty tree she'll start purring up a storm for me to come pet her, and then when I do she drools out of pleasure... it's pretty darn cute. I'm really enjoying my little lady Betsy cat, and I look forward to even more years with her ahead.. Melanie www.exercisejunky.com INDEPENDENT TEAM BEACHBODY COACH AFAA, TURBO KICK & PIYO CERTIFIED FITNESS INSTRUCTOR

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WE STRIVE:  safest, best rates, less stress travel and best care for your new Scottish Fold companion. The majority of our kittens travel far from Montana to their new homes, sometimes as far as Hawaii, Japan, Europe and Hong Kong. Since the health, safety and happiness of our kittens and cats is paramount to us, we do ship by airfreight. Since 1981, we have shipped by air and we have never had anything unpleasant happen to any of our kittens.

FOR DELIVERY: United States and Canada, they usually can arrive the same day. Our kittens are always shipped in FAA approved cat carriers. This carrier, with newest airline approved requirements, run $55 each. The following are the basic charges and additional charges that will be added to the price of the cat(s) or kitten(s):

BASIC COST: Veterinarian (basic visit) + Shipping + Insurance + Crate = can cost as much as $575.00 OR LESS, I will call or email the Total Price Quote, once I have contacted the airlines, to see what the charges will be, shipping into your airport. (If any additional charges during their shipping, discussed prior to shipping, when necessary) 

QUARANTINE: I do work with my Veterinarian with quarantine requirements, we have had several cats and kittens go to Hawaii, London, Venezualia, Etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  Airline shipping charges average  $275.00 to $375.00 with some additional charges for to name a few, cats and kittens must be paid in full, prior to shipping:

1)  Early morning flight charges to make, used to make a flight connection into your airport.  I get up at 2:30 am to get the felines to these flights; 

2)  Quietime Staff, driving to ship from another airport, 2 to 4 hours away +$250.00 and up, depending on the season/roads; 

3)  Overnight kenneling charges, allowing your cat or kitten to make the flight connection necessary to get to your airport;

4)  VIP charges - to make connection with less than 2 hours to transport to another plane; 

5)  Timely layover charges, each airlines has a limited amount of hours any animal can sit and wait for a flight.  If it's next flight connection goes beyond that time frame, daycare-kenneling charges will be necessary.  For that time gap between flights - we try to avoid these charges; 

6)  After Hour Pick-up:  when the terminal has basically closed - after the cat or kitten reaches the airport.  Charges for the cargo attendant that stays on duty, so you may still pick-up your feline - which would be discussed at the time of the Total Price Quote, if  applicable; 

7)  Thermal Mats available, for carriers, keep the feline's body temperature the same, without electrical, washable, good quality, large, love lounging on them when at home = $50.00 added charge;

8)  IF ANY additional charges are evident during the booking and confirming a flight for your feline:  I will contact you and discuss any unforseen additional charges I find researching your cat or kittens' shipping agenda, etc.,before giving the Total Price Quote.  l NEED:  Name of Airports or Airport choices for picking up your feline, + the Town/State/& Zip Code, for the Airlines quote.

9)  Personal Requests - Examples:  Micro-chip implant, while at the Veterinarian = $55.00 + charge;   Specific Kennel/Carrier, will check the cost and shipping = $ + charge, and  I will discuss with you. 

10)  Additional Charge for out of USA shippments:  Examples:  1)  Do you need an agent at each airport landing and to transfer the feline and paperwork that is necessary for the next flight;  2)  (in some countries there are additional charges, to be paid for, with your countries cash currency, specified);  3)  Is an processing agent necessary to be with your feline at the airport with:  USDA/Quarantine/Veterinarian Officials    4)  Can you be at the airport to receive your feline, or must the agent deliver it to you?  5)  Any and all ADDITIONAL Veterinarian requirements performed, for the sole purpose of allowing your feline into your country +additional charges to Total Price Quote 

11)  All Shipping TOTAL PRICE QUOTES are based on, shipping from Helena Regional Airport, in Helena, MT, where Quietime Cattery is based. 


IMPORTING PRICES WILL REQUIRE ADOPTEE to help in getting importing information from their country to us. 

1)  At that time, we will  determine if in fact we can ship a feline, safely to your country

2)  If we can, we will give an approximate price quote, leaving room for any additional -  unforseen by either party, additional expenses, that must be paid in full, prior to departure of the feline. 

3)  Each country has their own governement laws, quarantine, testing and restrictions with animals entering their country. 

4)  It will be up to THE ADOPTEE to research what I and my Veterinarian will need to complete, with documentation in English, explaining each step of the process that we will need to complete, to speedily, safely, smoothly and successfully have you adopted cat or kitten to you as soon as possible.

5)  From you, we will need to know what will be required to be done while the feline is in the USA and what will be required to be done, once in your country, examples:  1) quarantine:  can they be done in the USA OR must they be done when they get to your country?   2)  Tests:  Which ones are  necessary, before the feline comes into your country;   3)  how many Rabie Shots4)  what Booster Shots are necessary and how many;  5)  Which Airlines Company  will take your feline from the USA into Your Countries airport of choice;  6)  how to contact the proper government agency to double check our work here, prior to shippment?  7)  How to contact agents that will perform the duty of safely getting your feline to your country and to you?


The Total Price Quote that will be given to any feline leaving the USA:

1)  Additional Charges for any and all Transportation/Veterianrian visits and services necessary to allow your feline into your country.   2)  Larger Carrier if necessary:  for long trips that give them more room for movement.  3)   If you are living outside the USA and are considering the challenge of adopting a feline from the USA, you must know that there are many areas we can not or will not ship our cats and kittens to, due to unrest of the country.  Other things to consider, the time the process takes, following your countries requirements, until the feline can finally be shipped to you;  very expensive process;  is the trip going to be a safe journey for the feline?;  the possibility that the feline may need to be quarantined once it reaches your country and that will be more time you will not be able to have them and additional charges to you.   I have not processed many felines to other countries, although I have people every day, from many countries inquire.   I wish I could get my felines to everyone who was wishful to have one, but it is a large undertaking in so many ways.  

BY LAW, A LICENSED VETERINARIAN MUST INSPECT ALL Cats or kittens, shipped & will be given a Montana State Health Certificate and 12 weeks or older will be, vaccinated for rabies, prior to shipping.   With shipping outside the USA there are more required country/government issues that the feline must meet, before flying in.

***All Scottish Fold cats and kittens must be Spayed and Neutered prior to shipping outside the USA:

1)    Any Scottish Fold that will be flying to another country will be spayed or neutered, unless the Sales Agreement reads otherwise and it has been oked by their government that the animal is not spayed or neutered.

2)  All spay/neuters will reside here until they are at least 3 lbs. - to be spayed or neutered, allowing at least a 10 day recovery time, which kenneling/boarding fees will be applied to the Total Pice Quote.

PET-COMPANION Scottish Fold PURCHASES:  must be Spay/Neuter - recovery time approximately 10 days - prior to shipping (unless other arrangements are made in the Sales Agreement, and it has been approved by the government.

PURCHASE OF PET=COMPANION SCOTTISH FOLDS sold in the USA:  On special occassions, with the adoptee's agreement in writing, a Scottish Fold purchased at any age and shipped prior to being spayed OR neutered will be accompanied with a Quietime Scottish Fold Cattery Picture I.D. Spay or Neuter Contract with designated date for the spay or neuter to be completed - requirements = kittens must weight over 3 lbs. to be safe with anethesia or just before 6 months of age as it will read on their sales agreement or spay neuter contract supplied by Quietime Cattery - PET-Companion    I prefer kittens be spayed or neutered just prior to turning 6 months of age, giving their body time to mature, anethesia isn't so hard on them & before aware of breeding.  Adult Cats - will normally be spayed or neutered prior to shipping (the recovery time will be 5 to 10 days).Spay or Neuter Contract is to be given to your Veterinarian Office to fill out and the Veterinarian Surgeon to sign and date = and as agreed, you will send that ORIGINAL Spay or Neuter CONTRACT back - to the address provided at the top of the contract, to complete & close your feline's file - taking the file off my desk to be filed.

1) Send Quietime Cattery a copy of your Veterinarian's paperwork along with 

2) Send back:  Quietime Cattery's Original Spay/Neuter Contract - Picture I.D., once we receive the contract back, it will be reviewed and placed in your Scottish Folds file = file will be closed. 

PURCHASE OF Show, Show/Breeder, Breeder  SCOTTISH FOLDS = Agreed Purchase Price includes:

1)  Show = Sales Contract, Spayed/Neutered Contract - Picture I.D.

2)Show/Breeder: = Sales Contract + Registration.

3)Breeder = Sales Contract + Registration.

Declawing Exceptions

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION:  Families that have cases where by de-clawing is a health issue (lymphoma cases, etc), we are understanding and will allow it with proof from their attending physician and will promise to keep them inside the home.

TOTAL PRICE QUOTES: will be quoted once the Buyer supplies Airport(s) names and zip code at available place for pickup and any extra things necessary or requested of the Seller.  

No returned Scottish Folds, this is a closed cattery; no refunds: deposits or payments, unless conditions specified on Sales Contract & agreed by both buyer and seller, prior to purchase with deposit or paid in full. The Sales Contract will be sent with your Scottish Fold for you to fill out for your Scottish Fold's file. PLEASE RETURN: the completed original copy of the Sales Contract, to address - ontop of the Sales Contract.