Naoko Nagata and Hitodama her Scottish Fold
New York, NY

After researching many different breeds we settled on getting a Scottish Fold. Being in New York City we thought that it would be easy to find a breeder close by. In fact there are few. We contacted many breeders but no one responded to us fast enough. We then looked geographically further away. We wanted a male between 6 months to a year old that was calm, not too energetic and not too chatty. We found “Quietimes” site on the web and saw several kittens that looked like they would fit us perfectly. We emailed the web site and within minutes Sue called us back. We gave her our thoughts and she gave us her recommendations. We called her back several times with a myriad of questions about the cat we were thinking of and each question was answered thoroughly and calmly. By the following hour we had our Fold. His name was JoeJoe. Our 7 month old kitten had his arrival date set and we were waiting. Sue called us and said the weather was getting cold and would we mind if JoeJoe came a bit sooner. We wanted to be as caring as Sue. When we finally brought him to the car he was so small with huge amber eyes folded ears and the color of an orange creamcicle. No hissing, biting or clawing. When we got him home it took him several days to relax as he must have been scared. He did not like being picked up and would dart away and hide in spaces I didn't think he could get into, really very small and narrow spaces. It was actually pretty amazing to see. Slowly over the next few weeks he has claimed the entire apartment as his own. Once he is in his spot he loves to be pet and stroked. He loves his paws massaged and his belly rubbed and his ears scratched. He is calm when he is being groomed and doesn't flinch when his nails are trimmed. He never sleeps further away than two feet from our bed. He is a quick learner as he in the past month can sit, stand up on his hind legs, shake hands, high five, down, lay on his side and roll over on command. We had a 2 year old over the house last night and the boy had his face directly in our cats face and nothing at all happened not a peep. In all this is a spectacular breed for a calm, stable and even tempered feline pet. Thank you so much Sue the best!! Show | Edit | Destroy

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In 1961, a shepherd, William Ross, spied a white cat playing in a farm yard near the Scottish town of Coupar Angus. William Ross noticed that this cat's ears were permanently folded forward and downward. The people who owned this cat were unable to provide any details of its origin.

Her name was Susie and all Scottish folds are descendents of this white barnyard cat. The people who owned Susie promised that if she ever had folded eared kittens, they would give one to the Rosses. About a year later Susie had two kittens a male (who was later neutered) and a female. The Rosses received the female and named her Snooks.

Three months later Susie was killed by a car. Wishing to perpetuate the folded-eared cats, the Rosses acquired a white British Shorthair to breed with the son of Snooks, a grandson of Susie. They registered their Cattery with the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) in Great Britain. Scottish Folds emigrated to the United States in the early 1970's and began their march to acceptance to the Cat registry associations.

Over the past 30 years, the Scottish Fold has developed a look of its own, as you can see reflected in the pictures of our kittens and cats.