Brandy Shortman

Dear Susan~ Finally, some pictures of Noah for you . He is such a doll. Thank you so much for him. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect kitty. He is so affectionate, well mannered, playful, and a very, very handsome little guy. I'm always getting compliments on what a beautiful cat he is and how incredibly soft his fur is. You did such a wonderful job with him. What a healthy little guy he was and still is. After his first visit to his vet, the doctor wrote on his exam sheet "Outstanding cat" and "Beautiful". I absolutely agree!! Thank you Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike for my sweet little Noah. Brandi LOL! I love it! Noah is doing great. He sleeps in bed with me at night (all night) with his head on the pillow. It's sooo cute. He's still nervous and really doesn't care for my dog Nike (she is such a nag). He is a very good boy and yes he is definitely laid back. When he plays you can just tell his imagination is going. Very smart also; I kind of feel bad for saying this but it seems as though he is quite a bit more intelligent than my regular cats, like he really thinks things through. Do you often find that to be the case with Scottish Folds ? Brandi

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In 1961, a shepherd, William Ross, spied a white cat playing in a farm yard near the Scottish town of Coupar Angus. William Ross noticed that this cat's ears were permanently folded forward and downward. The people who owned this cat were unable to provide any details of its origin.

Her name was Susie and all Scottish folds are descendents of this white barnyard cat. The people who owned Susie promised that if she ever had folded eared kittens, they would give one to the Rosses. About a year later Susie had two kittens a male (who was later neutered) and a female. The Rosses received the female and named her Snooks.

Three months later Susie was killed by a car. Wishing to perpetuate the folded-eared cats, the Rosses acquired a white British Shorthair to breed with the son of Snooks, a grandson of Susie. They registered their Cattery with the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) in Great Britain. Scottish Folds emigrated to the United States in the early 1970's and began their march to acceptance to the Cat registry associations.

Over the past 30 years, the Scottish Fold has developed a look of its own, as you can see reflected in the pictures of our kittens and cats.