Dane Ranney
Boston Area, USA

Cat memories and funny/memorable moments with Max, I have quite a few. I guess it would be best to start at the beginning, in order to give an accurate portrayal of Maxie. While growing up in Ohio, I've owned several cats throughout the years. I got my first cat from the local animal shelter when I was ten. He was an American Short Hair mix. He was a very sweet cat. I have a lot of memories of him including the very first one, with of him licking my hand as I walked by his cage. Shortly after he passed, we decided to get another cat. However, this time we decided to go through a breeder. After doing quite a bit of research,we decided to get a Scottish fold through a local cattery. We had read that they were very sweet, loving, and intelligent cats, each with their own unique and wonderful personalities. I know I'm jumping ahead but, this has proved to be spot on in terms of every Fold that I've owned. The cat that we decided upon is named Jojo. He loves to be around the family. He has his own chair in the living room, that he likes to sit in while we watch the Cincinnati Reds/Bengals games. On a side note, he's the only cat that I've ever known that likes box rides. He'll jump in any empty box, and he likes for us to push him around on the linoleum floor. Since getting Jojo, we've added two additional cats including Maxie. Max has always meant a lot to me. We've created such as special bond. When I go to sleep, he lays right by my feet on the bed. He's also great around other cats. He used to play all sorts of games with our Burmese when I was living back in Ohio. In particular, he used to play with our Burmese by hitting a ball in one of the toys, which in turn made a noise that attracted the other cat.******* When I got a job in the Boston area, it was very hard to get my mom to send Max here. She loves her cats just as much as I do, especially when it comes to Folds.***** From Lynn, THE SWEET MOM: Here is my testimonial: I purchased my Scottish Fold kitten back in September of 2010. His name was Max-a Million and he truly is one in a million! Susan does not disappoint when she tells you about the cat or kitten's personality! Unfortunately for me, my son fell in love with the cat and when he relocated to the Boston area for employment, he wanted to take Max with him! I surely couldn't blame him for that! Anyway, I would highly recommend Susan for anyone looking for a Fold and I can't wait to get my next cat from her!!! Lynne Ranney blackcatjoe@aol.com

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In 1961, a shepherd, William Ross, spied a white cat playing in a farm yard near the Scottish town of Coupar Angus. William Ross noticed that this cat's ears were permanently folded forward and downward. The people who owned this cat were unable to provide any details of its origin.

Her name was Susie and all Scottish folds are descendents of this white barnyard cat. The people who owned Susie promised that if she ever had folded eared kittens, they would give one to the Rosses. About a year later Susie had two kittens a male (who was later neutered) and a female. The Rosses received the female and named her Snooks.

Three months later Susie was killed by a car. Wishing to perpetuate the folded-eared cats, the Rosses acquired a white British Shorthair to breed with the son of Snooks, a grandson of Susie. They registered their Cattery with the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) in Great Britain. Scottish Folds emigrated to the United States in the early 1970's and began their march to acceptance to the Cat registry associations.

Over the past 30 years, the Scottish Fold has developed a look of its own, as you can see reflected in the pictures of our kittens and cats.