Lorin Cole and Zander
New York

Sue, A Testimonial From The Cat It was a cold, sunny morning that Friday, January 6, 2006 when Grandma Sue kissed me goodbye and sent me on my journey from Helena, Montana to NYC to live with my new mommy Lorin. I was eight months old at the time and not yet weighing my full grown five pounds. All that I had was my baby blanket, a toy, food and water and the blue fur on my back. I reflected back a month when I was in the nursery and a call came in from a dear friend of Lorin's, requesting to learn more about me. I was so flattered as she had chosen me from all of the male folds she had viewed at various catteries. Grandma told the friend that I was small with a big personality, beautiful, loving, very intelligent, great disposition and loves to give kisses. As a matter of fact my name at the time was "Love Potion Number Nine." My new mom to be had just lost her beloved cat of over nineteen years so I knew that I had tall paws to fill. At the time, she was so grief stricken that they weren't sure if she was ready for a new kitten to enter her life. I waited nervously for two days to learn the outcome. I was very attached to grandma Sue and spent most of my time riding on her shoulder; however, my litter mates were leaving the nest and I wanted my very own home as well. Grandma finally told me that my new mom to be had read my bio and looked at my photos and fell in love with me; hence, I was embarking on my new journey as Zander (named after Alexander). My full name on my papers lists me as "Zander Blue Button Bear" and I have a list of nick names far too long to reiterate. That was over four years ago. FYI, I also have a younger brother Brandon whom we all adore. Just one sniff and we bonded for life. As I was used to having fury friends to play with, I was lonely when mom was out or at work. Being the vocal boy that I am, I conveyed my feelings and she complied with my wishes. I recently heard mom chatting on the telie with grandma Sue and my ears are still ringing with the praise I received. As a matter of fact, they'd be standing up if they had been folded. Mom thanked grandma for raising such a wonderfully sweet boy and that she couldn't have been happier with the choice her friend had made when selecting me. She also admitted that most of her guests come to visit me and my brother. After all, I do know how to turn on my Zander charm and kiss everybody who comes through the door "smack on the lips." I've even been compared to a dog (don't know how to take that one). LOL Once they are comfortably situated, I ring my wind chimes for my guests as I am quite the entertainer and consider myself to be a musician. I've attempted to play the piano but unfortunately my paws are too light to push down the keys. Perhaps once I'm enrolled into Meow High School, I can take up the bag pipes. Look for me on you tube to see me performing! Thank you on behalf of mom and myself for reading my biography and if you are contemplating adopting a cat or kitten, I strongly refer you to Quietimes Cattery and my loving grandmother Sue. Hugs and kisses, Zander Dear Susan

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Kitten #958 Suzie-Q: Gorgeous = Folded, Silver Tabby, Female.

Kitten #598  -  " Suzie-Q "

DOB: 03-23-2017

An OUTSTANDING Silver-Blue & Black Ticked Tabby in color, with a white belly.

Folded Ear- Female Kitten, who looks like and loves to lounge as if royalty, she is a darling.

Suzie-Q is very intelligent, has that regal look about her, she was the first kitten out of the nest, she wanted some people loves.  She is happy in her bed of slumber, sleeping most of the day away, attimes just the tips of all four feet are sticking up above the sides of the bed. 

A facination of her day, is looking out, from her perch at the bird regulars coming to the bird feeder.   A single Silver Beige Dove - Dovely, finches, sparrows, once in awhile a small hawk.                                                                                                       

"Suzie-Q" is going to be a feline that you will enjoy, just gazing at her while she is lounging during a cat nap!    .    Remember they are dog like and once they learn to trust, you may find her lounging on the floor at your feet, or on the floor in a room where you are, where you are allowed to just step over her as you pass through, her motive is to keep track of you!            

Questions?  Phone: 406-449-9799 or.                                           Email:  Quietimecattey@scottishfold.com or Quietimecattery@gmail.com

  • Gender: Female
  • DOB: 03/23/17
  • Price: $2,550.00