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After loosing one of my girls in May of 2013, I began working with Susan Tyler to find another fold that met my criteria. Female with folded ears. All the other stuff like sweet, lovable and enjoys human contact was a given as you know, if you have ever had a Scottish Fold. And so the wait began. Quietime Cattery had brought me my 2 previous folded sisters about 16 years ago. One was now gone and the second, Emma is still with me. Susan Tyler, the new owner, or new to me, as the operation transferred ownership some years ago, worked with me for several months hoping to deliver my wish for a folded ear little girl. And so finally Leela was born. There was really no choice as she was the only kitten to fit my criteria. When Susan sent pictures of this little girl, I knew immediately she was for me. I could see it in her eyes. To this day, I still cannot figure out how Susan could capture such posed pictures of this playful little kitten that once she arrived, I realized could not sit still for a series of pictures like those Susan sent! Leela arrived this past May from her long flight from Montana, including a connection. She was sent in a big cozy crate fitted with a fluffy rug, the sweetest little print blanket, a simple handmade toy to entertain her and enough food and water to satisfy her needs. We picked her up at the airport and started our 2 hour trek home. Leela was only 12 weeks old then, but she was calm and confident and purred all the way home as if the journey didn't faze her. A well adjusted little one, that had been given plenty of love and attention by Susan and her husband Mike. It really shows. Leela is now 8 1/2 months old. She is sweet, loving, playful, caring of her older sister Emma, loves being held or cuddled and is a strong healthy little girl. I keep Susan up to date with the latest as it is obvious she loves her babies, has cared greatly for them and is truly interested in how they are doing. And oh, by the way, Susan keeps me posted with pics of all the new little folds, as someday in the not too distant future I will be getting a new sister for Leela from her again. It has been a warm and truly wonderful experience working with Susan Tyler. She is professional, down to earth and truly understands her babies. She helped me transition through the fear I had, bringing a new kitten into a family that was still hurting from the loss of a beloved pet and gave me hope during my elderly cats acceptance period of Leela. For Leela and all you have done Susan, thank you. Sincerely, Roxine Brown

Created By: Scoran