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Hi Susan: Just wanted to give you a quick update on Tyler. Arthur has found a new outlet for spending money - toys for Tyler. My kitchen and Great Room now look like war zones - there are toys everywhere. Years ago, when we first got our beloved Sneakers who has now passed over, I bought a play house for him with stairs and an opening at the top for him to crawl out of to look out the window and it also acted as a scratcher. He rarely, if ever, used it and I have had it sitting in the garage all these years. I brought it out when we got Tyler and I can't tell you how much pleasure he gets out of it. He is soooo strong. He jumps up and hangs on with one paw and then pulls himself up - he is in and out of it - sleeps in it, and stores all his toys in there. When he races across the rooms from kitchen to Great Room, it sound like a thundering herd of horses. And I still can't get over the fact that he absolutely has to be where we are. If I am in the utility room and sewing, he sits on the table and watches me or stares out the window. If I am not home and Arthur is in the den, he curls up in the chair just to be near him. And Arthur says that he is amazed at the bond that Tyler has with me. When he hears the car pull into the garage, he runs for the door and sits there and cries until I come in. I can't go two feet without him wrapping his legs around mine and begs to be picked up. I would have expected this as a kitten, but he is almost 7 months old (still kitten, I guess) and he is still doing this. Well, that's it for now. Hope all is well with you. Are you expecting any new litters? Would love to see some pictures. We have several favorite photos, but this one seemed to show him best. I forgot to mention that when Tyler wants to play (his decision not ours), he carries his feathered wand in his teeth and drops it at our feet as if to say, "let's go mom. I want to play." I have never known a cat who will spend at least 20 minutes in a throw and fetch mode. He seems tireless. Of course, after 20 minutes of running back and forth, he is ready to crash. Sleeping in the sun at the base of his play house, other than on our laps, seems to be his favorite. Love Gloria and Arthur P.S. At the moment he is asleep at my feet on the rug in the den. He is never more than a few feet from either one of us at any point in time.

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