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We got Jackie, the best edition to the family we could have asked for, from Sue’s Quietime Cattery. Sue handled everything for us, start to finish, to get Jackie from Montana to our home in Massachusetts. Our experience with Sue and her Quietime Cattery was the most professional encounter we have ever had. Little Jackie is just a loving cuddle bug. She sleeps with my mother every night… those two are inseparable! When we first got " Jackie Q ", we expected that our three male cats would give their new little sister a hard time. However, this was not the case at all. Tiny little Jackie let them know that she was in charge immediately. She has the best personality, and she does things to make us all laugh daily. To Jackie, any miscellaneous item around the house is either a toy or her own personal chair. She’s beautiful inside and out and she knows it! But as much of a princess as she is, she’s always there to snuggle up and watch TV with the family. We love her endlessly, and she has become a big part of our family.

Created By: Scoran