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Hi Grandma Sue, Just wanted to send you a new photo with both Wallace and Willie for your testimonials page. They have brought us so much joy and both have unique personalities. Willie is the lover boy. He love to snuggle with both me and Pete. He is so smart. He know how to express his needs (whether it's carrying his favorite toy to you, or pushing his cat treats off the table) and knows when we are telling him something (like off the dining room table). Wallace is the mischievous one and is always up for a game of fetch. He's not above ambushing his brother if he's under the sheets or in the fresh laundry basket. Both like to horse around and wrestle with each other and when they are not wrestling they are giving us barrel rolls at our feet or just simply hanging out in the same room. They must always be where we are and rarely want to be apart from us (with exception of chasing bugs on the back deck). Thank you again for such great cats!

Created By: Scoran