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"Scotland the Brave" Click play to listen.



Dear Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike; --I am settling into my new home in Spokane very well. I share with Her Furry Grace Ysabel, who is Very Old and rules the household. She is Lynxpoint Siamese, and has traveled a hundred thousand miles by car with Mama Carolyn and Auntie Jane, and never lets anyone forget it. I have a ready-made Little Brother, Eushu---but everyone calls him Shu. Shu is half Bengal, black with spots, only five months old, and very fast. He used to bowl into Her Grace and knock her over, only trying to play, but Her Grace did not appreciate it. Mama and Auntie heard about me and brought me from Montana to be Eushu's Big Brother. I am a year older than Shu, and strong, and I have Manners that even Her Grace approves. I enjoy playing chase with Shu, and wrestling: we are always velvet-paws and we are careful of the vases. We play from breakfast til past suppertime, and Shu is learning Manners very fast, so he doesn't get scolded any more. Everyone admires me and tells me I am handsome and gives me treats, and I am feeling very much at home. I never make mistakes, I have not broken anything at all, and Her Grace is very happy to have her sunbeam in the afternoon and to have her nap in peace. --So I am in a very happy Forever Home, and I have already traveled three hundred miles by car. It was scary at first, but Little Brother was with me and he is already on his second thousand miles. I was traveling like a veteran by the time we got to my new house. Grandma Sue, you can be proud. --I get petted and my tummy rubbed whenever I like, I eat and have special treats, and have clean water and an upstairs to play chase in. Shu tells me there is a whole basement he goes to where there are new things to explore, but I have not been there yet. Mama Carolyn gave me a second name: it is Seishi, and sometimes Sei. It means Returning Spirit. I will always be Robby, too, but I like my new name. --This is me in Mama Carolyn's working chair. It gets a sunbeam of its own when Mama Carolyn goes on lunch break. Then the chair is all mine, and it is right by a Window with a tree and birds to watch. --Love Quietime Robby the Peacemaker! --P.S. Isn't it amazing what capabilities, these multifaceted Scottish Folds are capable of!

Created By: Scoran