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Sold: kitten #958: suzie-q; dob: 03-23-17. a gorgeous little package = silver tabby, folded; female, scottish fold kitten.

Folded Female

Cat Number: 958
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $2,875.00

Kitten #598  -  " Suzie-Q "

DOB: 03-23-2017

An OUTSTANDING, Soft-Thick-Thearapeutic, Silver-Blue & Black -  Chinchilla - Ticked Tabby, Coat.

Folded Ear- Female Kitten, who looks like royalty, she is darling.

Suzie-Q is very intelligent, has that regal look about her, she was the first kitten out of the nest, she heard me and wanted some pets.

A cute kitten now, will be a knockout when she is mature - gorgeous.  Suzie-Q is sweet kitten, nice laid back energy, she will look you directly in the eyes and listen.                        

Once Suzie-Q has finished her romping and has checked all the nooks and crannies around her home, she will take time out to be your personal purr purr and snuggle-bug!  

She is quite a hunter, with toys and any bug that might make it through the door, she is on it.  She likes to watch the bird feeder, eyes get great big when a bird flys in front of the window, thinking, only if!

After Suzie-Q arrives and settles in, she will become the dedicated Companion you wished for and that you will be giving  you Memories over the years and years to come.

"Suzie-Q" is going to be a feline that you will enjoy gazing at her beauty, wheather she is showing you all of her latest kitten moves and treasures that she just happened on, while snooping around the house OR while she is lounging during her cat nap happening!    If you can't find her, look beside you OR in the last room you were in:  working on the computer-  up around the top of the desk OR   lounging on a shelf OR   one of the Scottish Fold, dog like behaviours sleeping down by your feet.    Remember they are dog like and will even lounge on the livingroom floor,   OR on the floor at the side of your bed.......  OR on the bed with you - which would probably be the case  OR after they trust the animal and people traffic in your home, it would be no surprise that she could be lounging on the floor with a good vantage point to keep track of what your are doing and where you are going - allowing you to just step over her as you are just passing through!  Yet she has her motives, again keeping track of you!            

Questions?  Phone: 406-449-9799 or.                                           Email:  Quietimecattey@scottishfold.com or Quietimecattery@gmail.com

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Created By: Scoran