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Sold: kitten #956 - "bear bear" blue tabby. this little guy has substance, largest in the litter. gorgeously folded ears adding to bears already sweet appearance. bear will make a wonderful, loving and attentive companion for your family

Folded Male

Cat Number: 956
Date of Birth: March 23, 2018
Price: $1,975.00

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAYDEN!                                              Our Beloved, Bear Bear found his forever home in Billings, MT.   His owner/companion is 14 - going on - 15 year old , two  lucky guys.  Bear is Hayden's, early brithday gift.  Bear is in a cat loving family. as his FOREVER HOME, Sweet!  We are so happy for you and send our Love to you Bear Bear!

Kitten #956 - " Bear  Bear "

DOB: 03-23-2017

Bear has a Soft-Thick-Therapeutic Silver Blue & Blue - Ticked, Tabby, Short Coat - Gorgeous markings, you won't want to keep your hands off of this sweet Scottish Fold boy's coat that feels like it is pure silk.

This guy wants someone who will talk to him and play with him.  He would like to sleep on your bed.  A Desirable Scottish Fold Companion in every way.  When he calls to find out where you are, call his name so he can find you, he chirps sweet little sounds, we love it.  This guy has  all the desirable Scottish Fold Companion Traits. and then some.

A extremely handsome, buff,  Neutered,  young Scottish Fold male kitten, with size and substance, manly big feet and will gradually be growing into that beautiful buff feline man body! 

Loads of Characteristic Expressions, Loving personality, this young male will make you smile and laugh with his kitten moves and verbal calls he sends out to you during his day. 

Big Gorgeous Round Green Gold Eyes filled with expression as he observes loving life, with all of it's FIRSTS for Bear Bear.   

Bear is a boy that will be with you as you move around in the house, loving any and all of the time he is able to have with his family.  If he can't find you, he will chirp out, calling so you speak and he can find you, he will be a happy Purr Purr then! 

One of his favorite past times is watching the bird feeder outside our window, it keeps the felines busy inbetween thier cat napin.

He is loving toward his siblings, follows his big brother around to learn everything he knows.  At times he cleans his sisters face while they lounge.   

We have 3 large dogs (1 - Standard Poodle & 2 -  Golden Doodles) that Bear has learned to trust, very comfortable, letting them step over him when heading across the livingroom to their beds.                                        Bear also enjoys laying on the dogs big beds, sometimes with them, sometimes with his Sister or alone, all stretched out in the morning Sun Ball and loving every minute of it!  

Handsome now and a joy to watch during the day, wheather playing or looking adorable just taking in an afternoon cat nap.

A typical boy, chasing toys, romping with his feline family, snooping into newly found places and spaces.  Adorable and it is so exciting when there is so much to learn, in their young life!  

A rational thinker, quite intelligent, allert to what is going on in his surroundings, talk to him as if he were a two year old who is learning, they do understand!

Bear is one healthy, jumping, loving, happy, bouncing, handsome Scottish Fold big baby boy.  Entertaining during play time and then you will enjoy his beauty as he goes into kitten angel mode sleeping, with that sweet expression, gorgeous coat and cat napping positions.

Can you imagine..... coming home after:  A long day at work,  OR a day of mental drain at your college classes - with this lovely STUDY BUDDY there to help you through your homework,  OR waking up to your handsome stud muffin, attentive Companion, ready to shower you with his unconditional love.  Not to mention, building heart felt and life long Memories! 

Bear is the largest kitten in his litter, a gentle-man and was always very kind to his two sisters.  His mother raised him right!

He is learning about brushing, combing and toenail trims 

If your lucky enough to adopt  "Bear Bear",  you will enjoy every day for years to come.  

Once Bear has arrived and settled into your home, you will wonder what you did without him in your life.                                                                                             

The Scottish Fold Breed has a dog like personality, with a rational way of thinking and doing things.                                                                      They will even lounge on the livingroom floor, at the side of your bed and after you earn his trust, he might be comfortatle to let you just step over him when you are just passing through!                                     

Questions?  Phone: 406-449-9799                                                     Email:  Quietimecattery@gmail.com - Susan Tyler or Mike Morris

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