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"Scotland the Brave" Click play to listen.
Non Folded Female Kitten
#933 - Mee Mee: Black/Silver/Blue Ticked Tabby, gorgeous. She is extremely intelligent, loves to play and win! Once she settles down for some tired kitten people time, she purrs and loves her attention.
Folded Male Kitten
SOLD: DOB: 03-07-2014 - #931 Silver Nugget - Color: Silver Blue Patch Tabby and White, gorgeous markings; Such a loving Scottish Fold kitten, gives loves and will check up on you when he can't find you.
Non Folded Male Kitten
SOLD: KITTEN #936 - Houdini OR Who done it!: DOB: 08-26-2014: I am the best kitten, I already found my purr purr and love to be snuggled after my playful workout has been completed.
Non Folded Male Kitten
Kitten #934 - BENJAMIN: DOB: 08-25-14: What a gorgeous baby, he will be outstanding when he matures, loads of personality
Non Folded Male Kitten
KITTEN #941 - Mister Smudge - Male - DOB: 09-17-2014; Gorgeous markings with a little smudge on color on his face; very cute and playful.
Non Folded Male Kitten
Kitten #940 - Chip - Male - DOB: 09-17-2014: Red Tabby and White, in color; Intelligent; Playful; Enjoys his people time; Chip will keep you smiling and entertained.
Folded Male Kitten
SOLD, KITTEN #939 - Mister TIZER, probably a triple fold - Male - DOB: 10-28-2014: , This little Scottish Fold - TIZER - will fill your home smiles, love, entertainment and beauty.
Created By: Scoran